Experienced Representation In Foreclosures And Collections

The Law Office of Tyler J. Skitt, LLC, in Fort Mill, SC, is known as a personal injury firm. However, the firm also handles other types of representation and litigation. I am attorney Tyler J. Skitt, with a strong business background, offering advice and advocacy for both businesses and consumers in finance-focused cases, including:

  • Foreclosure
  • Collections
  • Surplus funds hearings

For Lenders, Creditors And Collectors

My business clients often seek my help in prosecution of foreclosures for properties in serious mortgage default. In North Carolina, I handle judicial foreclosures as well as power of sale foreclosures. If you are a lender left holding the bag after a borrower stopped paying on a mortgage for a residential or commercial property, let me explain how I can expedite a cost-effective foreclosure process.

Also in North Carolina, I represent lenders or substitute trustees in collections (but not both on the same cases). I handle surplus funds hearings and unsecured collections actions in both states.

For Home Loan Borrowers And Other Private Individuals

When I advise consumers and homeowners, I help my clients understand that:

  • Most lenders do things the right way, but some break the law. If a creditor has violated your rights, I can help you pursue relief and compensation under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and relevant state laws.
  • A threat of foreclosure does not mean losing your home is inevitable. I have helped many clients find ways to keep their homes while addressing debt problems.

Benefits Of My Experience

My in-depth knowledge of both sides of a legal matter can help me advise someone on either side. Every foreclosure and collections case is unique. Each situation typically has at least two sides. While I strictly avoid conflicts of interest, I maintain an active law practice serving both creditors and debtors — both collectors and borrowers. With a deep understanding of the pressures, perspectives and legal processes of the "other side," I bring valuable insights into the collaborative context of legal counsel for both businesses and individuals.

Learn more about how my Fort Mill-based law practice can work to protect your assets and financial integrity in North Carolina or South Carolina. Call 803-354-2347 or send an email inquiry through this website to schedule a consultation with me, lawyer Tyler J. Skitt.