About My Law Firm And My Background

Operating my own law firm is a dream come true for one key reason: It means I am privileged to devote most of my time and attention to the law and my clients. As someone injured in an accident or looking for legal advice regarding a foreclosure or collection situation, you have clear goals and needs that require practical solutions. I can help you navigate the journey to resolution.

My background, skills and vocation offer benefits to clients who choose to work with me in pursuit of important objectives. As you are deciding on an attorney to guide you through a difficult challenge, consider my qualifications:

Individual Circumstances And Challenges Require Individualized Solutions

Whatever your legal concerns, I am interested in helping you find your way forward with optimism and the promise of a better tomorrow. I bring legal knowledge and skills to the table. You alone understand the full impact of your injuries or foreclosure or collections matter on your life or business. I am convinced that working closely with an attorney to achieve your goals offers the most promising path forward.

From law offices in Fort Mill, I welcome clients from throughout the south Piedmont and upstate North Carolina. Rest assured I am here to guide you confidently through every step toward an outcome you can live with.

Fighting For Your Best Interests After A Serious Injury

If you are injured, you need medical care and you may need lost wage replacement. You also hope for acknowledgement of your pain and suffering. You want reassurance that every avenue of compensation for your losses will be pursued. I represent personal injury clients on a contingency basis. This means:

  • Initial consultations are free.
  • You will not owe attorneys' fees upfront in most cases, but rather, at the conclusion of your case, as a percentage of your settlement or verdict.
  • If I do not win compensation for you, there will be no financial obligations.
  • I pledge to spend the vast majority of our time together preparing you to pursue and collect compensation from negligent parties — and as little time as possible on tedious procedures.
  • You will work directly in partnership with me as we build a strong case aimed at the outcomes you need and deserve.

I sometimes represent injured people through an of counsel relationship with another firm in Charlotte, Auger & Auger. I value this working relationship with another law firm in the Carolinas. If you have come to my website through this relationship, I hope you will take the next step and allow me to call you for more information.

Highly Experienced In Foreclosure Matters

My business law background has given me tools and understanding that can help you resolve your foreclosure or collection matter expeditiously. Whether you are a lender or a homeowner, a collector or a consumer, I can ensure you know your rights.

I will work to help you maximize recovery or defend yourself effectively against negative outcomes. Through negotiations, mediation, litigation or other methods, seek the solutions you need with a counselor at law who values your perspectives every step of the way.

Learn How A Personalized Approach Can Benefit You

To schedule a consultation with a South Carolina lawyer, call 803-354-2347 or send a message through this website. After a personal injury in an auto accident, a truck accident or another type of accident, your initial meeting with me, Tyler J. Skitt, is free. Your inquiry is welcome.